What Are You Looking For?

Make your business work easier with our automation process that lets people to increase their efficiency and productivity.


Desktop Automation

With Desktop Automation, you can eliminate the things that get you down, increase your productivity by a great margin and keep your focus to the things that matter.


Web Automation

We help you automate the task of internet research, data entry, copying data from website, saving in Excel, CSV, any database, SQL, MySQL, HTML, or any other way you want!


Customized Solutions

We believe that every customer is special and one product fix all business needs is the way of the past. Aitomation gives you Customized Solutions as per your requirement.

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More Efficient, Less Cost, More Work, Less Errors. Automate your processes & tasks!

Our Case Studies

The Case Studies reflect how companies have used Process Automation to increase their work efficiency and reduce cost at the same time

Our Pricing

Our pricing model is simple. Either you have ongoing automation and updates for a monthly fee, or a one time solution. Most clients choose to go with monthly automation, as when they see and realize the potential of process automation, they want to automate a lot of processes.

One Time


  • Customized One Click One Time Solution
  • Best for Single Use Case
* Starting from



  • Ongoing Support
  • Ongoing Updates
  • Best for frequent data gathering or when maintainence required
  • Dedicated RPA Dev available from $1,999/mo
* Minimum 3 months contract

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