GUI Automation + Custom Software Automation

What is Desktop Automation?

With Desktop Automation, you can eliminate the things that get you down, increase your productivity by a great margin and keep your focus to the things that matter.

Some Examples

  • Data manipulation in excel which includes copying data from different places to excel
  • Data removal and entering in excel or some other database software in large quantities
  • Changing already built database
  • Transfer of data from one software to another
  • Printing certain documents after a certain amount of time
  • Performing specific actions on the desktop at specific times

Benefits of Desktop Automation

Time Saving

We save our customers an average of 60 % time per month on each task that we have automated.

Cost Saving

We are saving GVU technologies over 36000 dollars per year.We are saving Lee-Mai Finanical over 42000 dollars per year.

Full Documentation

We will provide a full documentation of the automation process, receipts and everything that happens.

Have Questions?

Be smart, Intelligently automate your tasks, Intelligently automate the world with Aitomation Desktop Automation.

Case Studies

We have already done a lot of desktop automation for many of our clients. If you want to read further please check out the following case studies section. You can also automate many of your tasks in your business. Go to the blog categories to learn more of what Automation can do for you. We guarantee you, you will not be disappointing. Automation is the future and the future is already here.