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It is the real deal. You don’t believe us, well maybe you will believe Mark Zuckerberg.

Why Choose Us

Showcase Categories

The bot shows categories of all the items that you have, with browsing capability.

Image Recognition

Recogniizing an image has never been so immaculate. Aitomation`s bot recognizes images with its state of the art technology.

Conversation with client

The bot communicates with your clients on your behalf telling them the prices, product information and delivery details.

24/7 work

You cant work 24/7 but the bot can. It is always online ready to cater to any customer that comes by.

24 Hours Customer Support

Aitomation`s bot is at the disposal of the customer 24 hours and provides complete support no matter what the time.

Always Online

You want an assistant that manages your page constantly and is always online, you have just found the perfect one.

Automated Responses

The best part is, all of the responses are automated with your customer getting all of the information that you want.

Hassle-free work

Relax. Now you finally can. Let the computer work for you, it doesn’t make mistakes and infact is smart enough to understand the customer.