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Facebook Page Automation

What is Facebook Page Automation?

Aitomation having worked very closely with e-commerce stores is proud to introduce the new Facebook Page Automation.

What is Facebook Page Automation?

The new Facebook Page Automation is Aitomation managing your Facebook business page for you. This is done through two different products. These products are specifically designed for the management and running of Facebook business page. The products are

  • Facebook Auto Commenter
  • Facebook Bot
  • Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Auto Commenter?

The Facebook auto commenter automatically responds to the comments in the way that you want it to. Let me explain, you post something on the Facebook page and people start responding to it. Of course with Facebook it is not uncommon to see thousands of comments. It becomes really hard to respond to them individually something which if they are responding to your posts should be done. However for a human being it is almost impossible to keep track of all these posts and respond to them. With the Facebook Auto Commenter however, you can easily do it.

How does it work?

The Facebook Auto Commenter reads comments that you give it from an Excel Sheet and posts it on each and every person commenting. You can change comments, give a bunch of different comments.

Can I change comments via posts?

Yes you can. You can choose to have different comments to people by posts that you make. This is a product of All Aitomation`s posts are highly customizable. Infact we always make our products specific to people needs.

How much time does it take to respond to each customer?

The bot runs itself again and again after a period of 5 minutes. So each person is responded to within 5 minutes maximum

What happens if the person comments twice?

It is up to you whether you want it to respond again or not. It is highly customizable. You can choose to respond to the person again or not. It depends on you.

Facebook Bot

The Facebook auto commenter takes care of your comments. While the Facebook bot takes care of your page`s inbox messages.The facebook bot shows your product categories with other relevant information to your customers. The facebook bot responds to queries and also takes care of your bills and delivery.

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Can you buy just one of the products?  – Yes you can!
Where can I ask further questions?

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