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Free Trial of Robotic Process Automation

Yes we do offer a free trial of our solution (robotic process automation).  We make the customized solution for you and give it for free for you to test at your end for 7 days. The following are relevant questions and answers that will guide you towards your first automation.

What is the complete process for me to get the free trial of robotic process automation?

The process of free-trial (robotic process automation) is as follow.

  1. You send us an email. Please use form below to send the email with the title “Free Trial”
  2. We have one of our automation experts contact you. You explain to the automation expert, the task that you want automated. (Customize)
  3. The expert will understand your process and then provide you with the solution. (Create)
  4. You use the solution and if you are convinced proceed to talk about payment package. (Use)


Why we are making a fully customized product and giving a free-trial (Robotic process automation)?

We believe in our product. So much so that we know that anyone that uses it will find it so valuable that the person will use it forever. We believe the value given by our product is so high that it is definitely worth letting other people use it once for free. We also believe a free trial of robotic process automation is necessary for customer to understand the technology before buying it.

How is the solution provided?

The solution is provided in the form of an exe-file. The solution is provided to you in your email. Once you run the file, your solution will automate the process.

How long can I use the solution for?

You can use that solution for upto 7 days free trial 0 cost.

Is a credit card required?

No credit card is required for the free trial.