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The Real Truth No One Talks About In The Entrepreneurship World

The Real Entrepreneurship World

Come up with an idea, start a business around it and BAM you are a millionaire. That is how it is supposed to be. Right?

Wrong. This is what the media wants you to believe. See when they tell you stories of famous people and entrepreneurs they just highlight the magnificent beginning and the amazing end. All the grind, the hard work and disappointments are hidden because they are not “cool” enough to be shown on the highlight reel.

What gets left behind are the real things, the heartaches, the working late hours, the working on weekends, the disappointments, the fights with other co-founders, the fights with employees, the learning of new ways, the management, the marketing, the sales, the financing and the most difficult of all how to balance it all.

The same thing happened to us. When we started Aitomation, we thought we would be millionaires within the first six months or at max a year. After all, that is how it was supposed to be. That is what every story we heard about said. Be an entrepreneur, identify the gaps in the market, be the first to move and you will succeed. As soon as you start your business, people will come buying your amazing product and you will start to gain traction. Soon you will start getting investments and soon you will be very very rich.

What actually happens

What happens in reality is different. You start out. You learn that there is a lot for you to learn. Then you learn some more. Then you realize there is even more to learn which is even harder to execute. Then you become a little bit better. Then you have to deal with this huge thing “management” and employ problems and HR issues. Then you need to balance your finances. Then your adrenaline starts to settle down. You realize after six months to a year that all is not so easy and what the media tells you is not exactly true. There is a lot of it that seems that the media doesn’t want you to know.

So what the media doesn’t want you to know is amidst the fame and the glory. From starting out to being in every popular blog and magazine. It takes years of hard work, learning and self-discipline. What we at Aitomation have discovered is that even though these things are not “cool”. These are the real things that make a business. The idea is worthless on its own no matter how unique and amazing. What is required is building of that idea into something great. Another thing that we have discovered is that even though this phase is not cool, it is still pretty exciting.

So to all of our fellow entrepreneurs who are in this “real” stage. I give a huge shout out. Even though your friends and family have stopped asking about your startup and the initial adrenaline settled down. You are now in the stage which really matters. So here is to us and you, may we see your name on magazines and blogs everywhere. May you see us giving ted talks.

  • Date December 12, 2016
  • Tags Entrepreneurship