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How To Save 20 Minutes Per Day – 7:30am Rule

How to Save 20 minutes per day – 7:30 am Rule

Ever successful book and person that we have ever met always said to us. Waking up very early is very important to success and your lifestyle. So even though in universities we were often late-comers and late-risers. We decided to implement this method when it came to our business. Hence we created a rule. The rule is as follow.

The 7:30 am Rule:

  • Every morning at 7:30am we will leave for office.
  • The accountability is to be done ofcourse by our CEO Umair Ahsan. Umair everyday, first thing in the morning enters the data in the sheet. 0 is for on-time and 1 is for off-time.

How to save 20 minutes a day

  • Whoever is late 3 times gets penalized. He has to give a treat not just to the founders but to all employees as well. Which is a great for anyone.

Why we made the rule?

Like we said, we had read that getting an early start on people was a great way to success. We didn’t see any harm in it, infact just saw a lot of advantages.


  • You avoid the morning traffic. Since you are not using peak hours. Certain school times do clash with us but on the whole we are saving time due to low traffic.
  • You get a head start on many people. You have more time. You can even sit late at your office.
  • You are more fresh and have more energy in the morning. If the first thing you are doing is going to work you can spend more energy on it.
  • Main Reason: You get to spend more time with the family. You reach home earlier. We leave at around 4:30 pm. Again avoiding traffic. Reach home earlier and can spend time with family.


  • You have to sleep early. Literally we go to bed at 11pm.
  • No late night youtube watching or going out with friends.
  • You are out of the night life.

Do we recommend it?

Very highly. Just avoiding the rush hour traffic is saving us around 20 minutes each day. It doesn’t seem a lot but if you add it up over many days. It is great. The main reason for our recommendation however remains the family side of things. Spending more time with family is the most awesome thing in the world.

Concluding Remarks

As we have matured into the business, we realize that managing a successful business is more about managing ourselves than anything else. If we can manage ourselves in a proper way, everything is good. If we can be on time, do our tasks properly and timely. Then everything is good. So yes this battle against time might not seem something big but it does represent something big. Managing oneself. Which we now believe is key to success in business.

  • Date December 12, 2016
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