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Revolutionary Way To Think About Business – We Care

Business combined with personal goals- A new way to think about business

We have always listened to people tell us that business and personal life`s should not be mixed. That you should always keep a distance between getting too close to people that you work with. We believed it. For a long time, our company operated that way. The more we worked and the more hours we spent in the business however made us realize that it might not be the most correct advice. I am sure the people that say to keep the professional and personal aside are good people and they mean well but for us it wasn’t working.

See the thing is we soon realized in our first year of business that business is a lot of work. Once you start business, most of your day is spent their. So the main thing is optimizing that time. Optimizing and enjoying the time that you spend in business became our priority.

The hard part was that time was the same for business and same for personal. Meaning there was limited time and if we wanted to get the best out of it. We would have to somehow combine the personal and the business side. We had to somehow have the business goals in place but also should meet our personal goals. The problem baffled us for a few days. After that we came up with a new and unique solution. Almost a revolutionary idea for us.
So i sent my team a message

Message to the team

“Here at Aitomation, individual goals and dreams are considered important.
We care about each individuals dreams and goals and try to help them with it.
So you tell us your goal and we at Aitomation will make it our duty to have it a part of your day.
We are also very pragmatic at Aitomaiton and understand that everyday incorporation of this would be difficult. That is why we are going to use External force Theory (Created by Saad Ehsan).
So each persons important goal is to be enforced by another member.
Here is an example to clarify.
Thing i would like to be incorporated-Visualization 3 minutes.
Enforcer : Umair Ahsan
So it is umairs job to make sure to have Saad Visualize, everyone is welcome to join but umair needs to make sure that Saad Visualizes as it is something important to him.


This will be in daily report.
So message us with something that you care about, that you think should be part of the office.


I was nervous and at the same time excited about the response that i was going to get. The response i got was phenomenal.

” Thank you very much for this email.

Dear Mr COO I am proud to be part of this wonderful team. And am really looking forward to making all our dreams come true.

I have a couple of things that I want to accomplish which will be shared with the team in due time


Shaharyar Ahsan”

After a few months of successfully implementing it, i sent the team the following email.
Once we had the We care culture in place i sent the team the following message.
“It seems with each passing day Aitomation becomes better.”
Now with the We Care in place, it seems Aitomation is going to be reaching new heights. (not just professional but personal as well)
All Credit goes to the team.
I leave you with a quote from RSD tyler.
“True Happiness comes from being the person you want to be”
-RSD Tyler
No email has been changed. I wanted to show what happened as is.

What are the advantages we received from this?

1) We were meeting our personal goals as well as our business goals. Both of which were important for all of us.
2) We were never in a time shortage. Earlier i wrote an article how to save 20 minutes a day. With that combined, we were never at a loss of time. Which is a HUGE problem that i have discovered while doing business.
3) We were genuinely more happy as we were doing the things that we were supposed to do


  1. Sometimes in business hours you are doing something for your personal self which still feels weird. You are afraid of being judged by others.
  2. Sharing close bonds with all of your team mates / co-founders – We were always advised against it. We were always told to keep it professional. (So this might be a disadvantage) although till yet this doesn’t apply.

Do we recommend it?

Very very highly. This is one of the best things we did. We feel that with the “We care” culture in place, we are much more happier going to the office. We are also delighted by the fact that one of our personal goals has already been achieved while coming back from work. Hence we recommend this highly.

Current status of We Care

Shaharyar Ahsan

Exercising 20 minutes daily in office – Enforcer : Saad Ehsan

Saad Ehsan :

Visualization 3 minutes and Meditation 5 minutes daily – Enforcer : Umair Ahsan

Umair Ehsan:

Making sure to watch an episode of Wrestling with every lunch alongside the team. Reading 20 minutes per day – Enforcer : Shaharyar Ahsan

Note : All of these activities are done in the office. 

  • Date December 12, 2016
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