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This Pakistani Startup Wants To Automate Boring, Repetitive Tasks For You

Millions of budding, young individuals graduate from business schools each year, only to end up doing boring and repetitive tasks. Not only lose their creative talent, but it is also demeaning to the amount of effort they have made to reach this point in his life.

A launch of Pakistan, AItomation, is working to change that by robots do the tedious tasks, but necessary ,.

Knowing Saad Ehsan, COO (COO) to AItomation, and his brother, Ehsan Umair, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Saad, the eldest, is a graduate of the University of the Mediterranean Passover and shortly after graduation, joined Nishat- one of the largest textile giant Pakistan.

However, the work was not interested at all, as was being done to make the boring and repetitive work. As a result, he left work and with the help of his brother who he referred to as the “smarter” while talking to ProPakistani- started his own company called AItomation.

Umair, 24 years old and an engineer by profession, is a college dropout who was not happy with the current education system and left him to pursue his own thing. Now, he is the president of one of the most promising to leave Pakistan in recent months startups.

What is AItomation and what they do?
AItomation is a startup that automates repetitive tasks on a computer using software like robots have been made to the industrial sector. They differ from most other companies in the field because they do not sell products. personalized based on customer demand solutions are sold. services are sold.

Basically, you just ask your customers what they want to automate. Then they come with a custom bot that can do just that and requires almost no manual work at all.

For example, what if you want to get real estate data from a website on a daily basis? Normally, you would have to visit every day, but not AItomation. They automate that for you and every day, a robot will give all the required information in a neat Excel sheet.

They can automate mundane tasks almost all employees in companies hate doing! They can automatically publish the answers in the pages of Facebook, tweets, at regular intervals, compile a list of music videos on YouTube with more than a million views and so on.

“Whatever we can automate,” says Saad.

They have been doing a too- big internationally with customers around the world, from Israel in the United States to Australia. former head of Saad, Nishat Linen is also a customer of yours’, one of the first.

Initially incubated at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, which also got Founders incubated in space, an incubator in Silicon Valley has been ranked as one of the Top 10 incubators in Forbes.

“Not only do you get information about what you are doing, but you can put this against the perceptions and visions of people from all over the world, it really helps you plan how you will do the job on their own implementation, “Umair says about his experience in the Founders space.

His experience in Founders space turned out to be a big step in your journey. He inspired AItomation to change its model of large projects at once Subscription medium projects. It was a big change in its strategy and has helped them a lot in the growth of its implementation.

Currently, they are looking to focus more of their efforts in Western markets, given the increasing demand for automated solutions there. Saad believes that AItomation is more applicable to markets in US and Europe. Western countries have a lack of cheap labor and, therefore, rely heavily on automation of the tasks of economic viability. This is exactly what is AItomation and is the market that are waiting to explode in the coming days.

  • Date December 12, 2016
  • Tags Automate