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Top Three Tools That You Have To Use In Business

Top three tools that you have to use in business

There are so many tools and software’s available these days that just the sheer number confuses us as buyers. It seems there is a software for everything. Then there are competing software’s and most of the time it is really hard to decide which one you should pick.

At Aitomation we have been having this problem as well for a long time. We have selected many software’s discarded many and fell in love with a few. So which are the tools and software`s that we recommend for businesses. Here is the list of the Top three tools.

  • Last Pass:

Hands down one of the best and one of the most important software`s for business personal. The software allows you to store your passwords for different sites. So when you go to a site, you see an option of already saved username and password. You can select any and then proceed from there. A picture is given below to illustrate how it works.

Lastpass use case

Lastpass use case

And thats it. You just click on it and automatically the username and password gets entered. In a world full of usernames and passwords this tool is a life changer.

Another huge pro and the main reason why we used it at aitomation is that you can share your username and password with someone. They will be able to log in using your username and password but will not be able to see your password. This is of great help specially when you are working with third parties and have to give your username and passwords. Even sometimes with employees when we dont want to share certain data, we give them the access using lastpass and once it is done, we stop the sharing. The advantages of this are countless.

  1. This way we dont have to reset the password again and again.
  2. Our password remains secure.
  3. Our efficiency increases.
  4. We get the job done without much hassle and worry.

The software is also easy to understand and use. So this is a highly recommended software for business personal.

To learn more, please visit Lastpass.


Accounting is one of the key things in businesses and if you have done it for long. You know the importance of it. Keeping track of accounting and your business personal is hard and we dont recommend using excel on it (Something which we did earlier in our business). You need a good software to keep track of whats happening and then generate reports for you. Reports like income report, balance sheet and cash flow plus more. This might not seem that important to early businessman as they think that they can sort it out later. Dont make this mistake.

The only break up fight that you and your co-founders are ever going to have is over the money issues. So this is the most essential of all. This will not only protect you from having major differences between your co-founders, it will also give you a lot of insight understanding as to where and what is happening in your business. Where you can cut the expenses, from where the revenue is coming from. This is highly recommended.  Again we would like to emphasize the importance of it. Ask anyone who is a good businessman and the first thing that they will tell you is you should have your accounts well-managed.


Wave Preview

Wave Preview

Advantages of using wave:

Automatically generated reports.

At a glance view of whats happening.


Initially you do require to make all accounts and you have to learn it a little bit.

To learn more, please visit wave.


If you arent using it already, you are missing out. One of the best Customer management software out there. It has a ton of features many of which we dont know ourselves.

This software is basically to take care of all your customer interactions and from the very top of the sales funnel leads you to the eventual sale. This software is highly detailed and is recommended by almost all business. At aitomation we use it primarily for customer relationship management but the software extends far beyond than that.

To learn more and believe me you need to know, please click here.


These are the Top three tools that we highly recommend that every business uses from the very start. We found about these three very late in our business stage but we are glad that we did. So for young personal who are just entering businesses, take a look at these before starting out.

  • Date December 11, 2016
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