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I Am Saad Ahsan


April 5, 2013

Past Experience :

  • Worked for the biggest companies in Pakistan, Nishat Chunia
  • Managed 5 projects in 4 months time.
  • Masters degree in Economics.
  • Youngest research assistant in department in Cyprus



Saad Ehsan !

The Coo of the company. Saad prefers to have his way with things he wants. Not only does he manage our company’s style of performing but he also give us the boosts we need to keep on thriving from time to time. Saad has previously worked at Nishat Linen and has completed his Master’s Degree in Economics from Cyprus.

Saad believes in spreading positive vibes everywhere he goes. The office is always fun with him around.Not only is Saad very funny but he also likes to be on top of things. Nothing can go around here without Saad knowing about it. Saad works for the greater good with a lot of effort put in everything he does. Here at Aitomation we believe in teamwork so we make sure to put in our 100% in everything we do. Saad makes sure we do our absolute best at all times. He knows how to make people perform their best without putting extra pressure on them.


Saad Ehsan coverage in the news.

Saad Ehsan came in over 35 newspaper articles and blogs. Some of the most prominent tech blogs including tech in asia covered his incredible story. Click here to go to media coverage of Aitomation and Saad.

Saad Also appeared in Core Communiqe.

Saad On Quora:

Saad Ehsan is also the top rated automation expert along with the top rated marketing and sales automation expert on quora. To see Saad`s quora profile, please click here.

Saad`s Questions and Answers session (Robotic Process Automation) :

Q and A robotic process automation with Saad Ehsan

Saad on the future of automation:

What will happen when all the jobs are automated.