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I Am Shaharyar Ahsan


April 5, 2013

  • Past Experience (Brief intro)
  • Has Masters degree in International Business from Germany.
  • Extensive marketing experience with marketing Startup company in Berlin.
  • Over 4 years of management experience.
  • Shaharyar is the CMO/CFO of our company.


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Shahrayer Story !

Shahrayer has done his masters in I.B from Berlin,Germany. Sherry not only believes in seeing things from a different perspective but applies it as well. One of his greatest strengths lies in understanding that things need to be studied and understood deeply before they are applied. He at Aitomation is one of the top leaders and the team often looks towards him for intricacies that go unnoticed by others. Shaharyar continuously encourages the team to work harder and be more disciplined.