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I Am Umair Ahsan


  April 18, 2013

Umair`s Skills

  • Expert in the field of image processing.
  • Expert in Machine Learning.
  • Expert in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Wrote over 250+ Solutions
  • A browser created in Python which gets the data from the website you chose with a single click, records any behavior, and can replicate it.


Image processing90%
Artificial Intelligence70%

Umair`s Story

The man with the vision and the brains.

Umair is the CEO of Aitomation. He wildly chased his dreams of becoming the one startup that would break every Pakistani stereotype. He left university to pursue a career in entrepreneurship from little to no support. He was able to build the company to where it is now.

Umair knew what he had in mind was easier said than done but he also knew that he could do anything if he put his mind to it. With his vision, his friends and his hope, he successfully managed to start Aitomation. The end result of this after a lot of tears, blood and hard work is Aitomation. Navigating through every obstacle  that life ever dared to put in his path.


Umair dreams of a more technologically advanced world. Providing process automation everywhere he became one of the pioneers of BPA in Pakistan. With the hopes that this will pave a way for a better future.  Aitomation is a company that automates anything to everything: you name it. As the motto says: Intelligently automating the world. With this hope of making Pakistan a better place Umair has come this far. Progressing every day we thrive to success. Taking risks along the way Umair knows that hard work will always pay off. Today, Aitomation stands in one of the top startups of Pakistan. Aitomation is infact the only B.P.A service provider in the world. With clients ranging from Asia to America to Madagascar. Aitomation is becoming more and more prominent each day. All credit in the end goes to the CEO Umair Ahsan.

Umair Ahsan thoughts on :

Data Entry Automation