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Automatic Website Creation- Is that really possible?

One of the hardest challenges that Aitomation faced was giving a solution to a customer in which the content is generated automatically and posted on the website automatically. Then shared on the various social media posts automatically (this was done using the social media posts tool of Aitomation)


SEO Optimization

Complete SEO optimization ability is present in the solution and Automatic Website Creation can be tailored to as much as the customer wants.


Image Optimization

Images are part of the program and can be gathered from or any other source.


Basic Purpose

With our solution we are endeavoring to erase data posting, data entry and VA`s altogether. That is why we felt that it was necessary to take upon this challenge and provide this solution.

How the Solution Works


Web Scraping

The Automatic Website Creation starts from web scraping. The solution goes to many different websites and gathers the information in an excel sheet.


Excel Manipulation

Then the data goes into excel manipulation. The solution checks for the word count and repetition and then decided wheather it is appropriate or not. Once the checked is passed. It moves onto the next stage.


Making New Post

The next stage involves the computer opening the website where the material is going to be posted. The computer opens the website and goes into making a new post.


Data Entry

Then the computer enters the data obtained from step number 1.


Schedule Post

Finally schedules the post according to the time specified.

Sample Video

A sample video of our product for which we also received start up Istanbul call (top 100 startups) is presented here

Further Information

Further information can be obtained by contacting us here. You can tell us about your opinion and questions. Also to get your own personal demo, please click here and an Aitomation expert will be with you.