QA - Software & Mobile Testing Service

QA & software testing services with Automated Testing tools & Manual Testing. Remote, Web, App & Mobile testing.

What is QA Testing?

Businesses these days are customer focused and how do you give the best customer experience? You assure that your product/service has the best quality to offer. Using QA testing we offer you services that ensure your software products or services have the best possible quality and meet the industry standards of customer satisfaction.


Automated Testing

We offer testing automation as one of our core specialties. Using test scripts and automated testing tools. We automate repetitive testing tasks that are extremely difficult to perform manually. Using this we compare the actual and the expected outcome.


Manual Testing

Testing manually with devices for real life use cases and to mimic real user behavior is crucial for any app, website or service.
This requires knowledge and a skill set which our expert team has and can help identify bugs and issues.


Cross Browser / Device

No testing is complete until its tested across a variety of browsers and devices. We at Aitomation test across all widely used browsers & operating systems. We also have a considerable list of real devices to test against phones & tablets (both iOS & Android).

Our QA Testing Process - PDCA Cycle


Plan - Test Planning

Read and understand the software project documentation/guides and understand all test requirements. Plan for actions.


Develop - Test Design

Write and Review all test cases that cover all the requirements mentioned in the documentation.


Check - Test Execution

Execution of test cases, testing of test scripts. After which the results are captured and analyzed.


Act - Test Acceptance

Providing summary reports for the tests and make improvements to the quality of process and implement those changes

Types of Testing

Unit Testing
In unit testing we ensure that each component of code written delivers the same functionality as intended. It is extremely hard to diagnose failed tests. We focus on reducing the defects in newly developed features and help in reducing bugs in already existing code. This highly improves the accuracy of each unit.

Functional Testing
We would check the functionality of the program, application or service in this type of testing. We will ensure that all the specifications function according to requirements of the business. Moreover, we would also test the functionality based on different business scenarios i.e. how the system is meant to function from a business process perspective.

There are numerous other types of testing and we provide for your custom needs.

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