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Real Estate Data Entry Automation

Real Estate Data Entry Automation is basically the listing down of data from multiple websites and/or other sources in your own property database. The process is usually done manually and is often outsources to Virtual Assistants. The process now can be automated.

With Real Estate Data Entry Automation, you can do the following things:

Automatically inputting data from different websites to excel or softwareScrape different websites for available real estate

Elimination of errors

More time

24/7 Work

Cost Effective solution

File Automation

Excel Manipulation
 Lead Generator  Paper to Excel Automation
   Best of all…No coffee breaks, no sickness and no holidays…We get the job done.   Top notch Optical Character Recognition


  • To understand Real Estate Data Entry Automation better, we have created quite a lot of videos. The following video actually shows the process happening in real time.

Further information and Questions:

Of-course we do not expect the business owners to start using Real Estate Automation right away. We just want the business owners to understand it and if they have any more questions,contact us.

What Aitomation Provides in Real Estate Data Entry Automation?

  • Aitomation provides a simple clickable executable file to automate all of your tasks.
  • All you have to do is just tell us what you repeatedly do and we will take care of the rest.
  • We will create a customized solution according to your needs, something which no one else provides.
  • Provide us with your requirement and we will automate your work.
  • We offer free consultancy, to learn more, please click here.

Case Studies and Use Cases:

There are many ways that Real Estate Data Entry Automation is being currently used in the real world.

Two particular examples are:

  1. Real Estate Work Automation
  2. Real Estate Listing Automation

Free Demo:

We are also providing a free-trial period for a limited amount of time.