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Data Entry Automation


Data entry Automation is the process whereby a person`s manual data entry worked is replaced by a bot. The bot performs the same actions as the individual previously doing so. It has recently come into more light with more and more manual works being shifted to automation. It is a sub-set of the main term Business Process Automation. Recently though it has become a field of its own and is growing.

It includes the following things and has the features listed below:

Document Automation Elimination of errors
24/7 Work Big Data Analysis
File Automation  Intelligent Automation
Quicker leads, better leads  Paper to Word Automation
Lead Generator  Paper to Excel Automation
Excel Manipulation  Top notch Optical Character Recognition


To understand Data Entry Automation better, we have created quite a lot of videos. One particular example is as follow

Further information and Questions:

Of-course we do not expect the business owners to start using Data Entry Automation right away. We just want the business owners to understand it and if they have any more questions,contact us.

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We are also providing a free-trial period for a limited amount of time.

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What Aitomation Provides the customer?

Data & Web Scraping

  • Aitomation provides a simple clickable executable file to automate all of your tasks.
  • All you have to do is just tell us what you repeatedly do and we will take care of the rest.
  • We will create a customized solution according to your needs, something which no one else provides.
  • Provide us with your requirement and we will automate your work.

Case Studies and Use Cases:

There are many ways that Data Entry Automation is being currently used in the real world.

Two particular examples are:

  1.  CEO Umair Ahsan on Data entry Aitomation – Analysis study
  2.  Real-Estate Data Entry Work Automation