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Web Crawling / Scraping

Since we believe in simplicity, we are not going to give a dictionary response to this topic. We are here to provide information that can be helpful and understandable. Here at Aitomation, we feel that knowledge is of the utmost importance. This article is for the laymen who doesn’t know anything about web crawling.

About Web Crawling

Web crawling simply put is going to a website to get specific data using a bot. What it essentially means is that you have a bot that goes to a particular website that you specify and gets the required data from it, after going to that particular page. It is a part of Robotic Process Automation, sometimes known as Business Process Automation.

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Example Of Web Crawling

A good example of web crawling can be bookswebsite.com (Example). It is a famous site with loads of content, let’s suppose that person A wanted to list down all the books that bookswebsite has under the comedy category. Person A wants the data in the excel format. Now he goes to bookswebsite and types in the keyword comedy under the book category. Person A sees a over a million results. Now if he starts entering the information in the excel sheet manually, it will take a lot of time and effort (probably months).

However with Web Crawling, this task can be done easily. The web crawler bot goes to the website searches books category and then enters all of the relevant information in the excel file that Person A wants. The tasks which was probably going to take months of efforts can now be done via robot effortlessly.

Where You Can Use Web Crawling In Your Business

For a person looking to use web crawling in business. He must have regular data that he needs from a particular website. If there is any task that a company has of going to a particular or many particular websites and retrieving data from these websites or getting data after entering specific information. They should think about web-crawling. You would be able to save a lot of money & increase productivity greatly!

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