Automation Of Website – A Complete User Case

Automation Of Website

A Website Completely Run By A Computer - Context

To showcase our technology we at Aitomation undertook a bold project. Automation of website. A whole website that requires no human input a website that is being completely run by a computer. The name of this computer run website is Following is close look at how this is done.
This is how 10bestquotes works.


  • The computer
  • The computer enters the username and password.
  • Then clicks on “add new post”.
  • Then enters the name of the person in the tile of the WordPress new post. (the name of the person is pre-given to the software )
  • Then the computer visits 10 different websites, looks for quotes by the said person and retrieves 10 quotes. (The computer checks for repetitive posts, if a post is repeated, it was immediately discarded in favor of one that is not).
  • The computer then numbers these quotes from 1 to 10.
  • Then pastes this data on the wordpress data entry fields.
  • Then the computer SEO optimizes this post. Enters the focus keyword, writes metadescription.
  • Then the computer will select the category (genre)that this said person belongs to e.g humour, philosophy etc.
  • The computer then adds tags to the post. This is done by a quick Google search.
  • A featured image of the person will be taken to be displayed alongside the quotes.
  • The “featured image” feature on wordpress is clicked and the picture is uploaded there.
  • The title for the picture that is just uploaded is filled.
  • Lastly, the computer schedules its posts to be uploaded at given times.

Please find below a link for the video of this whole process

10 Best quotes demo video – Aitomation


The goal of this project was and continues to be to showcase the power of the technology behind Aitomation. To learn more and know how you too can automate your website, please contact us here.

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