If the data exists anywhere we can get it for you with our Data Scraping Services

With our solutions you can access highly accurate and relevant data in a short time frame.

Our Data Scraping Services

Web Searching

WebScraping Solutions

You give us the source and we give you the data. An all in one scraping solution.

Data Scraping API

Aitomation Data Scraping API

We build custom solutions to extract data in complex situations. To achieve this, we use headless browsers and rotating proxies. We can also handle Javascript and extract your data.

Automated Data Scraping

Aitomation Data Extraction Solutions

We offer more than just data scraping. We specialize in data analysis using Artificial Intelligence. In addition to AI we use ML and NLP.

How our Data Scraping solutions help your business?

With our data extraction services Aitomation can turn websites into data. As a result, you can use this data to add significant value to your business and help it grow.

Market Research

Market Research

Data extraction to support research. We provide you with latest data and market trends.

Data update

Real time data update

Data will be provided within seconds and updated in real time.

Product Matching

Product matching

We find and compare your product to your competitors.

Data Searching

Brand Monitoring

Monitoring social signals for your brand or company. Gather data from all social media platforms.

Data as Service

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Providing and maintaining data continuously, Integrating data feeds.

Information Data Extraction

Information Data

Product and Price, Job Listings Hotel/Flight/Restaurant Data. You can obtain this data and stay ahead of your competition.

How do we deliver?

Cloud Data

Get data in your desired format

Based on your needs we can provide data in any format CSV, Excel, JSON and more.

Web Scraping

Delivery to your desired digital source

With our cloud storage we can integrate your scraped data with your application and can provide data to your desired source e.g Dropbox or Google Storage.