Desktop Automation – Video Frame Merger

Desktop Automation – Video Frame Merger

Overview Of The Desktop Automation Project

Recently aitomation was given a fun project to do by one of the leading digital marketing companies. The digital marketing company was assigned a task to input the logo image of another company in over one thousand videos. The reason for this is that the other company had just changed its logo and was re-branding itself.The digital company instead of doing the project itself and asked aitomation to help in this. Aitomation after looking carefully at the task proposed to them a different and unique desktop automation solution. The following are the details of the specific project.

Requirements Of Digital Media Company

  • Add logo to the start of the video
  • Add logo to the back of the video
  • Do the task for 1890 videos

Status At The Time Aitomation Took Over

The digital company had just done 170 videos before it contacted aitomation. They were doing it the following way

  • Have a folder with all the videos and the logo image.
  • Go to windows movie maker and then proceed from over there.
  • Insert clip of logo at start (2 seconds duration)
  • Insert clip of logo at end (2 second duration)

Video Of The Task

Aitomation – Desktop Automation

Aitomation after carefully looking at the steps was able to provide them with a solution that mimics their actions within just 3 days. The solution did the exact same thing and in the exact same way that they were doing before.

Time Saving

Aitomation is estimated to save them a total of 24 hours in total. It was one of the very fast tasks that was done in such a short amount of time. The task required urgency that was the reason why Aitomation provided the solution in just three days.
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