Digital Image Processing – Graph Reading Case Study

A while back Aitomation was asked to do one of the most difficult considered tasks in the field of robotic process automation. The task of reading data from the graphs and outputting results in a human understandable format is considered to be one of the most sought after and challenging tasks in robotic process automation.

The Difficulty Of The Task Arises For The Following Two Reasons

Digital Graph

If the graph is digital, it is very difficult to distinguish the lines of the graph from the lines of the graph that are already there. Meaning the lines (without the graph). This is due to the fact that in this case as in many different graph cases, the graph already has many lines. This makes the graph reading incredibly difficult. Distinguishing the drawn final line on the graph with other lines of very much the same color, size and thickness makes it difficult for the computer to distinguish.

Graph Lines

The handwritten graph line. The more popular belief in the robotic process automation community is that anything handwritten is not only difficult but should not be approached. Although a lot of research is being done to solve this, usually robotic process automation companies right now don’t go near it. Handwritten graphs are tricky because the quality, thickness, size and length of the graph change every time. There is no set pattern that a bot can identify.

The Specific Case

In this particular case study, we were faced with the first type of problem dilemma. We were asked to read graphs that were digital. The following were the main objective.

  • Read the Sonograph
  • Getting Sonograph co-ordinates. (Height and Width)
The Aitomation Solution

How did Aitomation solve this digital image processing problem? See the video, actually showing the process happening.

Does This Mean Aitomation Can Read Graphs?

For the most part, yes. Mostly, it depends on multiple factors including the clarity of the image and the data points required.. Again Aitomaiton has made no claim with this case study of absolutely 100% correct readings, no company can claim that. That can only come with advancements in technology, This is getting better. It is expected to increase in the future and is expected to be a huge step towards completely automating data entry processes.

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