Facebook Chat Bot - Every Thing You Need To Know

Everyone it seems has gone crazy over the new Facebook bot that have been released recently. Rightly so. It has the potential to eradicate many of the apps and some of the websites with it. So it was going to cause a fuss that part was expected. It happened just like that and over 10+K developers have already asked for permission from Facebook to build their bot. So lets take another deeper look into it and learn everything there is about the facebook chat bot.

What Is The Facebook Chat Bot?

To answer this first you need to understand what a chat bot is.

What Is A Chat Bot?

Chat bots are basically pre-programmed answers or response to queries posted. So simply put they are an automated response system. We are well and frustratingly familiar with these chat bots as they have been around for a long time on telephone calls. Now though they have come to Facebook business pages.


Who Is It For?

The chat bots are for the Facebook business page owners. The page owners ideally will have the Facebook messenger installed on their page and can answer any queries that come in instantaneously. The use-cases are many, some specific industries where they can be used are the food and cinema industry and the E-commerce industry.

How It works??

Data information of your page is integrated with the Face messenger bot and once a person messages to the page that information keeps on showing at the set time and cue.

Types Of Chat Bot

There are two different types of chat bots that are available and that you can create inside Facebook. One is is the Card bot, in which the customer interacts with the page using clicks (in case of desktop) and touch (in case of mobiles). Based on the touch/Click it then proceeds to show a different message and hence the interaction continues. The other type of chat bot is text based, where you have built in instructions inside the bot and the customers interact with the page using text. (Typing from keyboard/ Keypad).

Types Of Chatbot


Demo can be taken withe Aitomation, Please Contact Us For The Demo.

Launch Date

April 2016

Sample Chat

The answer like in all things is….it depends. The Facebook chatbot is a great tool to help you to answer customer queries. It is ever present since it’s a bot and can reply to your customers immediately but does your business really need that.

You need to take into account the following factors before using the new facebook chatbot. These can help in determining if they are the right fit for you or not.

The Facebook chatbot makes sense to use when you have over 15 queries per day. Many of the Facebook pages don’t have these amount of queries. So if you are not getting above 15 queries per day, it makes little sense to use the bot. Ofcourse there is the second factor as well to consider.

The other important factor is how much delay is acceptable in your reply. Ofcourse if you are running a fire fighter or an ambulance page, the time is less and hence you should be thinking of incorporating the facebook chat bot. If you are a painter and have been approached, you can probably wait to reply as well.

If you are running a business like a fast food or movie timing page. It makes much more sense to use the Facebook chatbot. As the information rarely changes, and you have certain items that you want to show to the customer. If you make customized products for each customer, then a bot might not be a perfect fit for your business. This is due to the fact that there is a problem with the new Facebook Chatbot.

In summary, you cannot just take a quick decision whether to have a bot running a page for you or not. These three things need to be considered and only then can you decide.

Installing Your First Facebook Chat Bot

The following article is written to help people get started. So it is a Step by Step Guide to Installing your first facebook chat bot. There can be two guides for this. One is for the people who are developers and the other is for the people who don’t have a good technical background or are unwilling to do the work in creating their own chat bot. I will cover both.



The first group has got quite a lot of good places to make the product.


Facebook Messenger chat API

The first place of course is the official Facebook messenger chat API. The chat bot is extremely easy to make, if you are a developer. Not so much, if you are not.



This is a very good website for developers looking to make a simple chat bot. Though it’s going to be very simple compared to the Facebook Messenger official API but if you need a quick solution probably this is the place for you. Some other mentions, if you are looking for other websites: www.pandorabots.com/ https://chatfuel.com/ www.aipioneer.com

Non-Technical people

The product for non technical persons are as below


There is no need to build the bots for messenger. We at Aitomation are here to do it for you. We at Aitomation have been doing automation work for the past 7 years now and are one of the world`s first to provide you with a Facebook chat bot that you can use. We will build the Facebook chat bot for you. The messenger bot will also be customizable and we will make it as per your requirements. So there is no need for you to learn how to build bots. We help you take your original work to the next level by giving you a customization solution that fits your needs.

  • Aitomation representative will take you online and understand your needs.
  • After understanding your specific needs, the representative will give you a final of how your product is going to look like.
  • Free-trial period, Aitomation is providing a period of 7 days where you can try the product and if you don’t like, there is no need to buy it.

3 Industries Ideal For Facebook Bot


The Facebook messenger has a lot of features and can really be helpful for E-commerce store owners. After the features, there is an explanation as to why E-commerce stores should use Facebook bot.

The following are the features of the Facebook chat bot.

1) Showcase Categories
2) Image Recognition
3) Conversation with client
4) 24/7 work
5) 24 hours customer support
6) Always Online
7) Automated responses
8) Hassle-free work

Big companies like CNN are already using it. So you know that it`s reach and application can be expanded much more than an E-commerce store. The advantage of using it is still unknown.

The E-commerce stores have a lot of products and customer inquiry and service is a huge deal. The customer service department is not only huge but often over worked and unable to respond to the customers in time. This is one reason why they need to have the Facebook chat bot installed. Given its features mentioned above, it is the ideal solution for E-commerce stores and can lead to a lot of growth and sales. Timely reply and an ability to showcase categories is what Facebook was aiming for and it seems they have got it right.

Another reason why its good for the E-commerce stores is the massive reduction in costs that it will bring. Customer service is a huge head for many E-commerce stores and they need a lot of people to showcase their products and provide a lot of relevant information about the products to customers. By using the Facebook Chat bot, they have the potential to eliminate these things all together.

The new Facebook chat bot is already being termed by some as a huge game changer for the E-commerce industry and many other industries. Two specific industries where it can really be great is the food industry and the cinema industry. Both these industries are always bombarded with requests from their respective customers. From new queries to other relevant information about deals, timings and reservations. These industries are always on customer support.

The Facebook chat bot is going to present an ideal solution to this.This is because of the fact that both industries have unchanging information and it is very easy to solve the problem with the chat bot.
This is how the Facebook chat bot can solve their problem:

• The chat bot can showcase the limited menu and movie options because of the display categories section available in the chat bot.
• Once the user has selected the menu or the movie, it will display the price along with slight description. Which is what the user wants.
• Then if the user proceeds to buy it, they can place their order or reserve their seat.
Example Pizza hut bot
These simple and easy steps make it ideal for the cinemas and food industry. It can fulfill the requirements with ease and this is exactly why it is the best product for these companies. Cost saving is another reason why these companies should think about using the facebook chat bot. Convenience is one thing but with the facebook chat bot, these industries may be able to save a lot of time in their respective customer service head. The companies can automate their customer inquiries`s, thereby saving them a lot of money on hiring personal. These of-course might lead to a loss of jobs but this is the future and it is here right now.

The problem that no one is talking about regarding the Facebook chat bot is the data gathering and inserting part of it. Anyone can create a bot and it is true. However how can someone use that bot. Let me explain via an example. Lets suppose, I am the supplier of the bot. Lets name me person A. Person B owns a E-commerce store and wants to install the Facebook chat bot on his page. Of-course to install the bot on his page, I need his specific data and I should be able to deliver my product only when I have that information. Here is the problem, for person B, there is no way in the chat bot for him to provide the information or enter at the back-end on his own. So there is a data entry problem that is required for the bot to work in the first place.

As things stand there is no mechanism from Facebook to solve this data problem and they don’t provide any solutions. They just provide the bot it seems and the rest is for us mortals to figure out.

One possible solution to the chat bot problem (Note: if you don’t know the problem please click on this) that is not yet solved by Facebook is the following.
Person A and Person B agree to terms and conditions and Person B is willing to buy the chat bot.

Transferring of data via Google sheet/excel or some other database software. The complete flow would look something like this in this solution.

Step 1) Person A hands over an excel sheet or a database of some sort to fill out to person B.
Step 2) Person B enter all relevant information in the database.
Step 3) The Facebook chat bot reads the data from the database

Huge amount of data needs to be added the first time. This may require a lot of time and effort on part of person B.

Scraping the website for data and all other relevant material. Such as prices, quantity, description etc and integrating the website data into the bot. This way should be much faster and better.
Drawbacks to this method:
• Not all Facebook page owners have a website. So it might not be applicable for all people.
• Person A in this case has got to do a lot of initial work and may charge extra for setting up cost (that is besides the bot)
Currently there seems to be little or no solution in the market to solve this but its understandable since the product has just been out for a couple of months. If you have further solutions, let us know in the comment section below, also feel free to ask questions.

3 Facebook Bot Sites You Absolutely Must Know About

Facebook bot sites, everyone is searching for them. Here according to me are the three best facebook bot sites. This is to answer a question that everyone is wondering , where can I find these new facebook bot sites?

Aitomation (Private Limited)

One of the very best facebook bot sites is aitomation. The company provides 100 % customized Facebook chat bot and is perhaps the only company that is selling it as a service. The company is unique in that they provide the services to every E-commerce store as a complete customized solution instead of a generic solution fit for all model. Which many of the others are using.



  • Completely customizable.
  • Charging low price of 49$ per month


  • Take time to develop the Facebook chat bot as the product is customized according to the customer needs. They take time in going through the process of the E-commerce store and so if you want to buy a ready-made fit for all solution this is not the solution for you. For a completely Free Trial & a Free Demo.

Chat Fuel

Another good facebook bot sites. This is a great way tool to develop your own Facebook chat bot. This is not so customizable but if you are a developer and know some programming, this is a good place.


  • One solution fits all model.
  • Quick to make
  • The product is good for developers or programmers who understand a bit of code.


  • Requires the person to make it himself/herself.


Another company that is doing good work in the Facebook chat bot department. The company provides a sort of text based take on the chat bot.


  • Text based as well and ability to recognize and read from text of the customer.
  • Can easily be integrated with Facebook API.


  • The main disadvantage is its specifically focused toward programming people. Although non-programmers can use it well.

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