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Image Recognition Case Study

Main Objective

Read Receipts from different restaurants for certain key points e.g. Bill total, Sales tax.

The Process

Aitomation recently worked very closely with a new client on image recognition. Image recognition is one of those areas where a lot of focus and attention is present. Yet results are poor. However Aitomation after working for over 6 months recently was able to complete this huge project. Aitomation worked very closely with a new team as well to solve this huge robotic process automation problem. So a team of almost 15 people worked on this Image processing issue.

The Following Was The Requirement

  • Download images from whatsapp and instagram.
  • Read the images.
  • Pinpoint specific image points.
  • Read data from the specified image points.
  • After reading the data, produce output of the data.
  • Pinpoint specific image points.

Sample Size

A total of 20 images were taken as a sample, all images were different and came from different restaurants.


The results were more amazing and encouraging than expected. Over 96% of the data points were correctly recognized and outputted in a csv.

Does This Mean Aitomation Can Read Images?

For the most part, yes. The image needs to be very clear and with specific data points identified. Indeed Aitomation doenst claim to be 100% accurate in this, no company claims that. For the most part though, with advancements in image recognition technology. This is getting better. It is expected to increase in the future and is expected to be a huge step towards completely automating data entry processes.

Aitomation's Image Recognition Solution - Aitomation

A short video

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