Research Data Collection – Google Search

Research Data Collection – Google Search

Research Data Collection

This is a sample case study for researchers. As the co-operation which we are actually working with are on a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA). We cannot disclose their actual project. Hence, this is not an exact case study of their work. Rather this is a small sample of a similar product. However due to the massive inquiries that we have been getting especially from researchers who want to gather valuable links and data for their projects. We are doing this sample case study of our research solution bot.

Research Solution Bot

The research solution bots primary purpose is to collect data from different valuable links from Google. The bot that is shown in the below video actually is the research solution bot (sample demo – very limited). It is just to give an idea rather than showcase the full strength.

Google search with Browser

A short video

Customization and Input

Any word or key phrase that you enter in the input file (provided with the solution) will get searched. You can change input file as you like and search for as many products as possible.


The research solution bot goes to google and types in the keywords you have provided it

The bot than gets all the links from the first page, along with the short description and page title

Then the bot continues to the second page and gets the data from there

This particular solution will go till page 5 and collect the information from these pages

The results are then stored in the output file

Customization Possible

As with all our products of Aitomation Private Limited, we have got the ability to customize the solution as per your needs.
The usual customization’s that are possible:

  • The bot can be adjusted to search for data from Bing and Other as well.
  • Search in-depth in each of the links. Get data from the links meaning that it is possible to get all the data from each of the page as well. This will involve web scraping. Please click here to know more about web scraping.

Presentation Of Data

Another thing that is possible in customization is the presentation of data. Right now as in the video seen above as well. The data is being displayed in the excel file. However it is possible to display the data in word as well as any other format that can be required by the customer.
The automation of Research Data Collection – Google Search is not new but many people before have tried it as well. However due to recent advancements in technology, this is becoming an actual field in itself. Again headed by robotic process automation.

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